About San José State University


San José State is a public university in San José, California. It was founded in 1857, by George W. Minns, and is also the oldest public school of higher education, not only in the state, but in the West Coast of the United States. It is also the founding campus for the California State University system.

The university is located in downtown San José, the 10th largest city in the nation. SJSU is the largest institution for higher education in the Silicon Valley. SJSU offers more than 134 bachelors and masters degrees with 110 concentrations and enrolls more than 30,000 students with the assistance of 2,400 faculty and staff. The campus itself is approximately 154-acres.

SJSU is proud of having one of the most ethnically diverse student bodies of any institution in the United States. There is a large number of Asian and Latino students, but SJSU has the highest amount of foreign students enrolled in their master programs than any other institution across the country.

Since SJSU is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, they provide firms with more engineering, computer science, and business graduates than any other college or university.